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Mats Sundin

#13 = Mats Sundin, that is his number, has been ever since he joined NHL. And he is the best. There is only one thing that is wrong with this guy. He played in the wrong team in Sweden.

He played one season in the club Djurgården and that is not my favourite team. How ever, he is a great player and when he finally decided to go to Toronto, he truly became one of my favourites. Toronto has always been my team.

Aftonbladet Sport 2002-02-06 (Swedish)

Aftonbladet Sport 2003-03-11 (Swedish) 1000 points

Aftonbladet Sport 2003-03-11 (Swedish) More 1000 points

Aftonbladet Sport 2006-10-16 (Swedish) 500 goals

Sundin scored his
500th goal and he is the first Swede to do this and the third European. Congrats !!


Olympic Gold 2006
The biggest names and the best players on the ice, and this time they did it.


He did nothing wrong. Mats is the given leader in the team.
I do have one problem. Tellqvist v/s Lundqvist... sorry to say but Lundqvist is the best goalie we've had since Pelle Lindberg. Rangers did a very good draft there, I really wish that Toronto had this guy.




Goalie: Henrik Lundqvist,
New York Rangers

World Champions 2006
The first nation ever to win the Olympics and
to be World Champions the same year

This time Swedish eliteplayers and just a handfull
of pros from NHL

Goalie: Johan "Honken" Holmqvist,



The best NHL-team

Toronto Mapleleafs

Aftonbladet Sport 2003-09-18 (Swedish) Börje Salming starts the game Toronto v/s Djurgården

Aftonbladet Sport 2006-10-05 (Swedish) Börje Salming is honoured in Toronto

nhl_logo.gif (5455 bytes) If you by any chance have another favourite NHL-team you can find them here. And also read what is happening in the whole NHL not only Toronto.

How ever I think it is a waste of time to look at another site but Torontos:-)

Södertälje Sport Klubb. During the 70's I went to a lot of matches together with my father. My favourite player at that time was Mats Waltin.

For some reason he left and joined Djurgården. What is so special about Djurgården...?? (don't answer that)

Södertälje SK hemsida