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I am a dartplayer, have been since 1990. I started to play in a club called Larsberg, but only stayed there for one season. After that me and a few others formed a club of our own, Tumba Dart. We became one of the largest clubs in Stockholm and we did very well. But people come and go and with a lot of different opinions the club lost a few players. But we always got new ones.

In 1997 we got together with another club that we knew very well and we became Victory Lakers Tumba DC. And we are doing well, but will do better.

During time I will post pictures and stories about the club. If you know the Swedish language you might want to visit the club homepage, just use the link below.


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Do you want to see more from our club and look at our members, knock on the door.

Victory Lakers Tumba DC's homepage

Stockholm Dartförbund