Klas Åke Schützler

Born in 1956 he is the youngest of my four brothers.

He is one of two truck drivers in my family. But he is keeping himself inside the Swedish boarders.

He lives in Jönköping, Småland.

He has five beautiful children.
Sofia and Fredrik with his first wife Ira.
And Felicia and Alexander with his wife Annika.
And there is also Gabriella.

Habo 2001

Habo 2001

Felicia, Mum, Klas, Alexander and Dad

Photo by Clas Schützler

Photo by Clas Schützler

October 2006
Fredrik and little brother Danne. Not very easy to get a normal pic of that young man

October 2006
Sofias son Robin was baptised and Fredrik is the godfather


Sofia with her first son Robin.

Look at those eyes, he's up to something

This is Gabriella.

On the far right is Felicia, Gabriella and Danne.

It is the first time they meet. I say, "Better late than never"

Gabriella 2009

Felicia, Gabriella och Danne
Felicia, Gabriella och Danne 2009

Photo by Kerstin Schützler
Klas sometimes in the 80's


Photo by Clas Schützler

Photo by Kerstin Schützler
Klas at the young age of 23

Photo by Clas Schützler
Felicia 2001

Photo by Clas Schützler
Danne (Alexander) 2001

My brother has always been interested in motorcycles. When he was younger he owned a few Hondas. Now he has fulfilled his dream and got a new bike.

Klas and his new Harley in 2003

Felicia 2002

Photo by Clas Schützler
Felicia 2003

Danne 2002

Danne 2006