Brahe Hus Summer 2001




What can I tell you about my parents, lets see......I love them both.

My mother is Gunnel Schützler maiden name Sjöblom. Her friends called her Gunilla.

Her father was from Dalarna a bit north of Stockholm. If I have understood everything I believe that her mother was from Västerås. We don't know that much about that woman except that she was not very interested in her children. My mother and her sister Inez started to work as a maids on their small farm at the age of 6-7, it was a hard life and they didn't have that much.
Before she came to the farm my mother and her sister had lived some years at a children's home. At the age of 15 my mother decided to leave Delsbo and moved south to Strängnäs and worked at the hospital.
In Strängnäs she met a man with whom she got married and had a son, Rolf. He is my oldest brother born in 1948. When Rolf was two years old she and Rolfs father separated and in early 1952 they had a divorce.

She left Strängnäs and moved to Tumba where she met my father Arne, and got married. She continued to work at the hospital here in Tumba, and then she worked with gravely handicapped and disabled people. In the early 70's she started to work for the State liquor store, selling wines and spirits. (In Sweden it is only the state that is allowed to sell alcohol, thus far)

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Gunnel Linnea Schützler

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18/1-27 -- 6/9-10

Mom and her sister Inez,
early 1940's


Taxinge August 2010


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Arne Gustav Julius Schützler

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18/3-29 -- 24/4-02

My father is Arne Schützler. He was born in Tullinge, witch is just next door to Tumba. I don't know that much about my fathers family, he doesn't say that much about it. He's got two sisters, Eva and Berit.

His father, my grandfather, died when I was very young. My dads mother I have never met, she died before I was born.
He has been working as a driver for most of his life, taxi chauffeur was one of the jobs he had. But I only remember him driving big excavators.

He died of cancer.

Photo by Gunilla Schützler

With his first son Per Arne

Photo by Kerstin Schützler
Tumba summer 2001

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