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I went down from Scotland towards England. I took a bus to Brewick upon Tweed, but there was not much to see.

I took the local bus to Bamburgh and found this wonderful place.

While I was here, looking at this great castle, I heard a great sound in the air. The sound of Merlin engines and there it was, my first live Spitfire.


Bamburgh I recognised this castle from the TV-film "Ivanhoe", it appears for a short moment at the end of the film.

I realised when I got home that I took far too few pictures here. No pictures of the little town and the nice café I visited. But I was in a hurry.

I was going down to Newcastle to find a place to stay over the night.

Newcastle had nothing and I continued down to a beautiful little town called Durham.

This was a very nice little town and I wished I could stay here a bit longer. This time however, they didn't have any place for me to stay.

I started to feel a bit stressed. The clock was 19.00 and no place to stay. I went to the train station and bought a ticket to York. The train was leaving at 21.00.

Great, I was warm and sweaty and it was getting a bit cold in the evening.

At 23.00 I came to York and I found a hostel and I got to bed at once. When I woke up in the morning I was a bit sick.

Now, this is the sad part. I was sick, and I didn't use my camera in York.
And that is a pitty, I loved York and its streets. The old town was just lovely. If or when I go back to England I will go to York again.

This is Durham