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In 1984 I was in Paris for a week. The reason for this trip was three things:

1. Meet a friend who was working as a model in Paris.
2. Meet a penfriend I had been writing to for some years.
3. And to see some castles.
1. When I got to my friends Agency they told me she was in San Tropes....nice...
2. When I called my penfriend his mother told me he was in Budapest....okay..
3. When I went on a tour to the Loire valley to see some castles......I saw some castles

Me at Follies Berger

I didn't have the best camera on this trip and I have lost some of the pictures I took.

From the 16th century, this is Chenonceaux a very nice castle situated on the river.

The castle was transformed in 1914 into a temporary hospital where more than 2000 wounded were recovered up to the end of World War I.

This is Chambord a great castle. Some say it was Disneys inspiration for his castles, but then again, there is a lot of castles that claims the same.

Building of the castle was begun in 1519, and was completed in 1547

Me at the famous staircase. 

This is the royal castle of Blois from the 13th century

A statue of Louis XII on the palace facade