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In February 2002 we went to Thailand

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I needed to get away and to have some sun

But Thailand is not a place I will return to, I didn't like the place.
Too much noice, too many people and too much prostitution.
But most of all I didn't like the beaches

First stop was 2 days in Bangkok

carinaboat.jpg (74020 bytes) But I was here so why not have a little look at it.

Bangkok is a very big city with a very high noise level, so when you got on a boat on the river and into the narrow branches of the river you are struck by the quietness.




Carina to the left

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We ended up at the Grand Palace, that's where we teamed up with Johan and Andreas who had taken another flight down to Thailand. AeroFlot took them there, but of course not in time, about 24 hours later.



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Johan and Andreas

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And everywhere you looked there were goldcovered buildings or creatures.

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