Hi, how nice of you to visit my site. Here I will tell you a bit more about me.

My name is Kerstin and I live in a small suburb outside Stockholm, Sweden. I have lived here the last 42 years, that is also my age.
My family contains of my mother and father and four brothers. I live together with Axlina, she is a very beautiful bird. She has been with me since 1989 but that doesn't mean that she is tamed or anything, she's got her own will. She told me that, or should I say showed me that, very early.

I work for a Swedish truck company, Scania. At Scania I am working in computer department with IT and development. But at the end of the day a brand new Scania truck is driving out from the line.

Before that I worked for 10 years in the Swedish Police Force. I was not a police officer, I worked as a civilian. I took care of paper coming in and going out of the division where I worked. I also had some of my own investigations to work with. And I also worked with computers and teaching, for example Word Perfect.

I am a music fan, I love almost all kind music but there is some I can't stand. On my favourite page you can find links to music I like.
I play the guitar and sing. Once when I was in my teens I was going to be a rock star and I would have the name Keydjes. Well, now I can use that name on my homepage instead. But now and then I find myself sitting at home playing my guitar and even better, now and then there is a party and they ask me to bring my guitar. But please, don't ask me to play 'House of the rising sun' again.

Now, back to my family:

My parents

Brother Pelle

Brother Lars

Brother Klas

Brother Rolf